How To Prepare For IAS/UPSC Current Affairs From Magazines


Hello readers how are you? How’s your UPSC exam preparation going? We hope it’s going good and you’re learning new things every day. UPSC exam preparation means a lot of hard work and a lot of study material which is needed to study and learn things. one can not pass the exam by just studying from books. 

a student needs current affairs magazines too to study. preparation from the current magazine is essential as it provides all-important news in one magazine divided into categories and subcategories which makes it easy for UPSC aspirants to read and learn from it.

Whats’s a must-read magazine for UPSC?

If you don’t review it, a book or magazine is a must-read–you’ll lose marks or struggle to pick the list.
Recommend a book at UPSC? No. UPSC just explains the syllabus in detail. Since UPSC does not recommend any book or magazine,’ what’s a must-read’ and’ what’s not a must-read’ depends on interpretation (and vested interests) of individuals. Having said that, there are a lot of magazines (many of which cost you just Rs.20 or Rs. 30 a month), which are very helpful in preparing for UPSC. Let’s see everyone.

Useful IAS planning magazines

Concentrate on a thorough review of the different issues discussed in those magazines. Don’t miss out on the special things either.

Yojana – Yojana is a monthly magazine published by the Government of India, available for purchase in hard copy (only Rs.20) and soft copy format. Yojana brings the message to people about economic growth. It aims to promote positive socio-economic dialogue.

While Yojana is funded by the government and is an official undertaking, it is not restricted in any way to expressing the views of the government alone; it aims to offer praise where praise is due and to criticize with a positive aim. Yojana gives various shades of opinion and views on any topic and thus presents a balanced picture.

Yojana is written in Bengali, Tamil, Assamese, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Urdu, Kannada, Punjabi and Oriya, in addition to English and Hindi. You can buy Bharat Kosh Yojana.

The monthly analysis by the PRS – The monthly summary of PRS policy is a reliable source for planning all government regulations, bills and services. Preparation of current topics under UPSC CSE Mains GS Paper-2 and GS Paper-3 is very useful.

The Economic and Political Weekly-  (EPW) is an Indian institution that enjoys a global reputation for excellence in independent scholarship and critical inquiry. Discussions straddling economics, politics, sociology, history, the environment, and many other disciplines are readable. The students may subscribe at subsidized rates to their print and online edition.

The fortnightly – English magazine Frontline from The Hindu’s stable has been a distinguished presence in the media world. Frontline subjects cover a variety of political, cultural, and social concerns to the environment, nature, culture, and movies.

Science Reporter – Science Reporter is a monthly popular science magazine published in India by New Delhi-based government agency The National Institute of Science Communication and Knowledge Management. Today it is a common forum to share thoughts about the country’s state of science, science policy issues, and discuss the direction science will take in India in the future. In fact, it’s also a one-stop solution for students searching for the latest insights from the science community.

Kurukshetra –While each month Yojana magazines provide content on a single subject, Kurukshetra contains articles about rural India and agriculture. While not as relevant in terms of review as Yojana, as this is a government magazine of India, it will help aspirants to get government perspectives on many topics.

Down To Earth-  Down To Earth is a fortnight on growth, climate, and health policies. Down To Earth is available in print–every fortnight they offer you detailed insight and perspective on the world around us. This print version can also be purchased in digital form–download it to your IPAD or get a pdf copy.

World Focus-  As of 1980, it has been a leading Indo-centric international relations journal. Taking an Indian viewpoint, it addresses and analyzes foreign issues. Policy analysts, politicians, researchers, ambassadors, respected academics, decision-makers and eminence people write widely each month and contribute to World Attention. The World Focus focuses on current affairs, international affairs in India and the world, economic diplomacy, foreign policy and issues of national security. This is useful in Prelims and General Studies-2 Mains paper and the Personality Assessment for aspirants.

Competition Success-  Review Also abbreviated as CSR, it is an immensely popular magazine among students in different fields preparing for competitive examinations. Many aspirants to the civil services find it necessary because of its all-encompassing format — both for Prelims and Mains. It gives a rundown of events happening globally and at home in each issue. It has a permanent feature on interviews carried out for aspirants to civil service. It also publishes CSE toppers success stories which prove useful to aspirants.

Website magazines or Coaching Institutes – Websites release valuable compilations every month-covering MCQs of Current Affairs, Current Issues Review, etc. You can also visit our website www.iaswithharimohan.in for regular updates of current affairs magazines and also a lot of other useful stuff.Our teachers at Harimohan IAS academy provide you with in-depth knowledge of current affairs made by them for you in easy language and divided into categories. You can download these current affairs magazines in the form of PDF from our website. Thanks for reading, we hope you find this article useful. For more content like this, please bookmark our website and make sure you turn on the notifications to get news from us as fast as possible!! Thanks For Regarding Regards IASWithHarimohan

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