Things to remember before you write upsc civil services prelims 2020


UPSC Civil Services Prelims, In English there is a phrase “Early Bird catches the worm” and it relates well to the training for the review of the civil services prelims. This exam’s level of difficulty is high, and its syllabus is like an ocean. Many new aspirants need quality time to grasp the syllabus of review of the civil services.

For those early birds all set to take the UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam 2020, this article is. You can feel that you still have plenty of time to study for this exam and it’s valid too. But you have to be aware that after only 10 + 2, many serious IAS aspirants begin their training.

And in this test, you would also have to contend with those applicants who appeared before and were aware of all the small details of the syllabus in this review.

Considering UPSC Civil Services Exam’s vast syllabus and limited time, you’ll just need to launch your training from this moment. Early training for the civil services review gives you ample time to revise all the topics covered. The sooner you start the more time you get to work.

Here we provided some successful tips for aspirants to UPSC Civil Services Prelims to help them clear the IAS test.

  1. Know All-  Before having your mind appear on the UPSC IAS test, first gather all the eligibility details, number of attempts available for this test. This one is a prestigious test, and it has several complicated terms and conditions such as the number of attempts. Read all of the IAS exam-related material then schedule your training.
  2. Review of Be Oriented Civil Services is a long journey that starts with prelim and winds up at an interview. You’ll feel drawn to other government work exams during this journey or you might feel bored. If you witness all of this feeling then take a break from your studies for a couple of hours. When you give only 1.5 years in the preparation of one examination then it happens and you might feel the emotions or negative feelings described above. If your mind’s attention is in the right direction then it isn’t going to be very hard to get out of these types of circumstances.
  3. Syllabus –  As you’re ready to begin your IAS exam preparation from 2019 and you’ll have enough time with you, use it to understand UPSC’s syllabus. As we discussed above, the syllabus of civil service examination is huge and you can not choose the right subject to prepare for your IAS Training until you know it deeply. You can paste the UPSC syllabus for civil service examination in front of your chair of study so that when reading a book or newspaper or preparing for an examination you can test whether it will support you in the examination or not.
  4. Proper planning – The game will win you no matter how much time you have just the proper planning. From day one of your training you must stick to your study schedule. When you have an immense amount of time, sometimes you are sloppy in your planning. The Civil Services test is a difficult one and you can’t risk a single day’s carelessness. When drawing up a study plan for UPSC training, bear in mind the long period of training you have. Do not over-stress yourself with a hectic research schedule and begin your training with 6 hours of study in a day, and slowly through it.
  5. Start from scratch-  When you make your mind appear in the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2020, your old research habits need to be revamped. Now for the major national events you will have to start reading The Hindu newspaper. You may be used to starting your day with a newspaper but now your lookout needs to adjust and instead of reading all the news like a book worm just concentrate on the relevant news from the viewpoint of the IAS test. Learn the news based on proposed bills or pass through Parliament. Supreme court and high court verdicts are also relevant, and questions from recent verdicts can be asked in UPSC Civil Services ‘review.
  6. Select the study material-  You would need to be mindful of the value of the study material in every test. In the exam you learnt from your study material, you must write the same thing. So it becomes necessary for you to get the best and most credible books to prepare for IAS Exam 2020. You can continue your studies using books from NCERT. These books have authentic data, and a simple way to begin your IAS Review journey. While studying the NCERT books, keep the UPSC Civil Services exam syllabus in mind and don’t waste your time on any other subject.
  7. Write your own Notes-  We recall those things that we wrote somewhere for a long time. The same applies to studying for the UPSC IAS exam too. Most times students just read the matter from the content of research and think they’ve gulped it but it’s just for a short time and soon the matter of reading gets lost from the aspirant’s mind. Writing it down is the safest way to keep the learned topic in mind. Notes from the self-made study offer the aspirants another profit. They will read these notes just before the exam and then it is easy to understand when you write it in your own words. And the UPSC IAS exam is all about knowing the subject matter.
  8. Previous Years Papers-  After finishing their training for the exam several candidates choose to look at the question papers of the previous years. We’re going to say you don’t do the practice here. In fact, before starting your training, we would suggest that you look at and understand the UPSC questionnaires of previous years. A sneak look in the UPSC Civil Services questionnaires prepares you and your mind to face the challenge ahead.
  9. Practice & Practice :That practice, as they say, makes a man better but the facts show that only the right practice makes a man better. So you need to do the correct practice by solving the mock test and question papers from previous years, the question papers from previous years are the perfect resource to practice because they will give you an idea of the examination pattern and the pressure you experience in the examination space.

IAS aspirants must realize that the post they wish to achieve requires a lot of enthusiasm and critical thought. Using the above tips, you will clear the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary and main review but clearing the interviews will aid you in your thought process. Before winding up this article we will recommend that you do not allow the fear of passing or failing in this test to come to your mind. Often we’re afraid of not being ‘passed’ or feeling dicey with our own capabilities. That’s a negative feeling and you ought to get rid of it as an aspirant to test. | Learn More With IASWithHariMohan | Best IAS Coaching In Delhi

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