How many attempts does it take to succeed in the UPSC Civil Services Exam?


UPSC Civil Services Exam, Every year when the UPSC releases the final list of candidates who made it to the civil services, at their impressive results a few candidates who cracked the IAS test in their very first go will be over the moon. But that number isn’t quite high. Statistics say that in the first attempt just one out of every ten candidates tasted UPSC success. During their ensuing attempts, an overwhelming majority of the candidates successfully clear the three rounds. The purpose of this article is to find an answer to the question,’ How many attempts are required to clear the IAS exam?’

Let’s look first at the numbers:

An analysis of the percentage of chosen candidates (average numbers for 2002-2012) and the number of attempts they made shows that 3 is the magic number when it comes to clearing the civil services of the UPSC. A decent chunk of candidates (24.1 percent) in their third attempts cleared the IAS test.

Just 1 out of 10 candidates picked is a first-timer

In 2015-16, in their first attempt, just 7.3 percent of all recommended candidates for different service positions cleared the UPSC Civil Services Test. First-timer success was much better in 2016-17, but still poor at 10 percent.

How many attempts are required on average to clear UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE)?

UPSC records indicate that, on average, a suggested candidate should have made 3-4 attempts before wearing the winning cap. The average try value is 3.6. The findings show that a candidate’s probability of success decreases after his / her 3rd try, but the possibility of making the final rank list is still much higher than a first-timer. In this context, it is extremely important not to be frustrated if IAS / IPS aspirants are unable to clear UPSC CSE in their first attempt.  You’re just a step or two away from success!

What makes the IAS exam so difficult to crack that it takes three trials on average to pass?

  1. The USPC Syllabus 
  2. The variety of subjects to be studied 
  3. Growing knowledge to be learned in the field of current affairs
  4. tough competition

A nominee has to understand the fact that the commission needs to select the country’s best and brightest. That explains the Exam’s rigorous nature. More than anything else, the UPSC exam is a test of perseverance and determination. Seek to inculcate those patterns in you if you want to make it to the civil services.

Persistence is the key, try again and again for UPSC CSE!

If you attempted UPSC CSE but failed, view your attempt as a trial that helped you gain’ invaluable experience.’ Now you are familiar with the format of the Civil Services test. In subsequent attempts, the knowledge can be of great help.

Not simple at the first attempt to clear the’ IAS Test’ but not impossible either!

Well, if you’re just beginning training for an IAS / IPS aspirant, don’t continue with the notion that UPSC CSE is so difficult it will take several attempts to clear this test. For the first attempt, there is already 10 per cent of candidates who are toppers. Early alignment with the UPSC CSE specifications and proper guidance can shorten the time frame required to clear the’ IAS test.’ The percentage of’ first-time lucky applicants’ will only increase in this digital era, where you get feedback, study materials.

Wasn’t UPSC CSE transparent at first attempt? Allow no worries! Now, you’re closer to success!

Have you taken the UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) but weren’t chosen? Don’t miss out on hope. Don’t let others, who don’t know the UPSC CSE level of competition, ruin your trust in themselves. Only note that it took years of hard work for 9 out of 10 toppers before it was a’ night-time hit!’ “IAS Coaching In Delhi

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