Prelims Strategy For UPSC Exam By Hari Mohan Sir


Hello students, Hope You Guys Are Doing Great In This Artice I Have Shared Complete Prelims Strategy For UPSC Exam

Now PT 2020 is just 150 days ahead. PT fever has started rising. Students are in tension that what should be done, How it should be done so that bull’s eye could be targeted. This means everyone is worried on planning strategy for these next 150 days.

For this first of all you should not take tension, instead, plan. Plan in such a way that maximizes chances of clearance PT could be ensured. Your strategy must have two steps – 

  1. Focus on time management
  2. Retention of maximum in memory

For the first part i.e., focus on time management, everyone has 24 hours in a day and which makes a difference in nothing but time management. Students usually waste their time in just scrolling on facebook, youtube or doing chatting on WhatsApp. So if you want to hit, just leave all these social media platforms from this very moment.

You may visit youtube just for study purposes not for watching useless videos and it is also in those days when data is getting costlier day by day.  

Other part for your time management is the maximum utilization of time for studies and the best method for it is explained by me on my channel, you can visit there and watch it.

The Second most important part of your UPSC preparation is your issue of memory. Most of the questions in your PT are conceptional base and that concepts are generally so much minute that student usually gets trapped and can not able to judge right or wrong and tick on the wrong option.

Actually, all of your knowledge is mainly divided into two categories i.e., conscious and subconscious knowledge. A student usually remains confused between these two and sometimes this confusion gets so much that the student even gets fails to decide what he knows and what not and this happens to maximum students. It can be corrected and I have explained it in a proper way in a video of which link is given below.

So students much have been explained on our channel, so to get much more please visit the link given below and get as much benefit as you can.

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