List Of Most Asked Questions In UPSC Examination Interview


IAS Interview Questions, As We Know IAS interview is the final part of the entire IAS exam journey.  That decides whether or not you will be getting the job. No matter how well you’ve scored in the preliminary or mains exam, this is a whole new episode, and you need to prove your potential here to achieve the goal of becoming an IAS official. UPSC interview is one of the most difficult interviews ever. The UPSC interview is made up of 275 marks and the members of the UPSC boards are mainly aimed at your personality here. They ask different questions from different topics to test your mental alertness, clarity of mind, Logical thinking capacity, leadership ability, cognitive consistency, intellects, moral senses, etc.

The two most crucial parts of an IAS interview INCLUDE:

  1. Your personality
  2. Your content

You should concentrate way before the interview for the proper personality building apt for the interview because it takes time. When you consider seeing it in a more theoretical way, you’d find out there are four personality pillars.

Now, here we’re going to discuss the types of IAS question put in the interview to get you a clear idea of the personality test. These are some important questions that have been asked many times in the past during the IAS interview and might be asked in the future also.

The intro:

This is the most basic thing that is being asked in every interview and not just in the IAS interview. Give a very brief and concise description of yourself, the background of your family, personal information, academic qualifications and if there is any professional involvement. Do not drag an unnecessary blabbering out of the intro and do not put irrelevant information that is not mentioned in the resume.

What motivates you to become an IAS official?

This is one of the standard questions that the interview raises. In order to become an IAS officer, the motive for asking this question is to know about your clarity of thought. Although it seems to be a very common question, this needs to be well prepared because your answer to this question will shed light on the panel of judges about your passion, interests, motivation that has driven you to be like civil services in administrative work.

Positive and negative strength:

In this job, not only vast knowledge or mental alertness but also honesty and integrity are very important factors. This is a general question from the IAS that is being asked in the civil service interview. Keep always in mind that the UPSC board judges are eminent personalities from various fields. They place vast knowledge and experience. So, do not try to cheat on them by telling yourself inappropriate stuff. They’ll explore you and figure out the truth about you. Prepare your positive and negative sides, and provide explanations and examples to them. The above questions are the basic IAS question which is supposed to be asked during the interview. But other than these, there are more questions to measure your sense of humor or logical ability. These are mostly the quirky ones and here’s a slight overview of them to get an idea of what kinds of questions are expected in the IAS interview.

How do you drop an egg without breaking it on a concrete floor?

The reason should be that a concrete floor is so hard that hitting with an egg can not hurt it. You can see that witty part of the response, right?

What should you do if I and your sister flee away?

Be very careful when responding. They’re trying to find out your sense of humor as well as your potential to gain positivity from a very negative situation on this question. I suggest you answer this as follows: “I’m going to be very happy because I’m not supposed to have a better match for her.”

What happened with the wheel invented by a human being?

It was asked in an interview and it was answered in a little different way by the candidate who got selected. He did not go in for any further explanation. He just said it was’ causing a revolt.’ You can see how impactful a simple word can be when used in the right way. And besides that, because the wheel is supposed to’ revolve,’ it was a little quirky answer. And with’ revolution’ you can sense the uncanny resemblance of this term.

What if, in one fine morning, you found out you are pregnant?

A female candidate was asked and she was asked to taste how she would respond in a surprising situation. She responded that ‘ I would be very happy, and with my husband, I will enjoy it. ‘

Two twins, Anupama and Adarsh, are born in May, but their June birthday happens to be celebrated. How can a case like that be? 

Since this question has been asked time and time again by tweaking it a little, the correct answer to this question is that May is the name of the place where they were born and not their month of birth.

If it describes ‘ 2 ‘ as a business and ‘ 3 ‘ as a crowd. Which, then, are 4 and 5?

Now the candidate may wonder what to answer while the say is that 4 and 5 will always be 9. Just as plain as that.

James Bond jumped without a parachute off the airplane and is still alive. How could it be?

A correct answer to this has helped a candidate book an IAS seat. A simple yet humorous answer to the question is that the plane was on the runway rather than in the air.

What looked like half an apple after cutting Apple in half?

The answer is the cut part which is the second half of the apple.

Where did he celebrate his first Diwali with Lord Rama?

This is a difficult issue, since it requires both academic and practical information. It is generally found that Lord Rama celebrated his first Diwali in Ayodhya, Mithila[ Place of Janaki] or Lanka. The Diwali festival started after Rama and therefore, Diwali was not celebrated by Lord Rama at all.

If in one pocket you have three apples and four oranges and in the other, four apples and three oranges, what do you have?

Really big hands.

One day when you’ve found your sister naked on the bunk, what are you going to do?

I’ll cover my little sister inside the towel because it’s easy for a little kid to get hit to cold. You shouldn’t lose your temper here, because a brilliant candidate will always remain patient and give the best answer to the questions he /she has raised.

Peacock is a bird that lays no eggs. Then, how are the children of peacock born?

Eggs for the female peacock and not for the male. Before approaching the IAS interview hall you should have some general knowledge otherwise it’s difficult to answer these types of questions.

It took 8 people 10 hours to build a wall, then how many days will it take for the4 people to build?

The eight people have already built the Wall, so now they need to build it. If you have the ability to think out of the box, you can easily answer these kinds of questions.

Mention what the Qutub Minar weight is?

IAS interviewers did explicitly ask this question to test the employee’s thinking process. It is to see how well “guestimate” can be done by employees that is what is referred to for such a question. It’s a bit tricky but if you’re good at calculating numbers and height width, you’re sure to come up with some answer. Anyway, the answer to this question was something 750,000 tonnes or 1.5 billion pounds of weight, after considering all the parameters such as single floor width, height, weight, etc.

How do you get 1000 in total, by adding eight 8?

888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 8=1000 = 1000

An aircraft crashed into a field and every single person died except for two, how did it happen?

Because married and not single.

A man predicts he can predict every football game’s exact score before it starts and he’s always right, how come?

Because before the match begins, the score he predicts is “0-0.”

What’s your favorite weekday?

Any weekday which is not Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Employers are keen to hear you say you enjoy working. You would like to answer Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and tell them it’s because you like to be busy. There’s no need to glorify it in your job interview, the weekend is coming anyway.

Are you going to be out taking my job?

You should not tell the boss, under any circumstances, that you’re out for his job. Placate them, instead. State that you’d probably want his job in a few years after he /she moved the ladder upwards. That way, you don’t have to hide that you’re looking for a higher-paying job with more responsibility, and this shows you’re willing to work with your boss to move up. This would be a win-win.

Tell me a story about someone you last had to apologize.

This question (which obviously isn’t a question) is specially crafted and asked to see how you’re wrong. Here’s the stuff. That’s not about what you’ve done wrong. It’s about the things you have done afterward. Be sure to choose a mistake you’ve learned and grown from. Tell them what you learned about your error, how you fixed it and why you’re not going to do it again. No matter what you do, don’t doubt you are making mistakes. This is truly stupid, frankly. We’re human, we’re all making mistakes.

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