How to prepare for IAS without UPSC background?


How To Prepare For IAS, Hello students how are you? We hope you are having a great day! most of our readers have called us or emailed us asking what to do if I don’t have an educational background related to UPSC at all?  many of our students have this problem but don’t be scared of it, we are here to help you and solve your problem. 

Today, we are going to tell you how to prepare for a subject without any Background for UPSC. So let’s get started! It is a question affecting most aspirants to the UPSC IAS Exam. 

General Studies, which is mandatory for both Prelims and Mains in the UPSC Exam has a wide range of subjects to cover and most of the time aspirants find it difficult to answer subjects for which they were not in touch after school. The same goes for aspirants who opted for an Optional Subject that they did not study during their graduation days. For example, a science graduate finds it difficult to cover the enormous syllabus of subjects in the humanities.

What one needs to bear in mind here is that the UPSC does not require Civil Services Exam aspirants to be experts/specialists in each of its syllabus subjects, but rather to have a generalist knowledge of all the subjects. So take the doubt out of your mind first of all that a subject is inherently difficult only because you have no experience in it. You need to have the right approach to research each topic otherwise any topic will prove difficult.

Some relevant points to prepare a subject with no history for UPSC CSE: 

  1. First of all, you need to get the basics right. Therefore it is recommended that one start with the NCERT books. We provide clear, coherent descriptions of all the important concepts and thus provide the right foundation for building on them from other sources as well. When the basic understanding of concepts is evident, some of the regular textbooks on this topic can be passed on.
  2. Bear in mind restricting the sources to the most appropriate ones for the subject and checking them several times, rather than providing several sources and not even doing one properly.
  3. Always go through question papers from previous years to find out what kinds of questions are being asked to seek to grasp the subject’s criteria from an evaluation point of view. In all three phases of the exam, this requirement can differ. Therefore you will have to prepare your training accordingly.
  4. Supplement your knowledge of the textbook with current affairs from newspapers (Hindu and Indian Express) and magazines (Yojana, EPW, etc.) for topics that need coordination with the latest happenings. Refer also to government websites, review progress statistics, cover in good detail Economic Survey and Budget, etc. Never just read these extra references and define points, but also seek to communicate with the topics of the syllabus and obtain a comprehensive understanding. Seek to make your short notes for faster revision and better retention.
  5. Whether or not you have a background in a subject, reply writing practice is a very important part of the preparation. The more you write, the greater your overall understanding of the topics and the whole subject becomes. The only thing is to remove all sorts of doubts or inhibitions. Your initial answers may not be up to the mark when you start writing, but don’t give up, and stop writing. Try to think and evaluate how you could have written it better and you’re going to get good at it with time. The goal is to keep on writing and getting stronger.

To have the right material for right kind of preparation, you can give us a missed call or email us or just comment below and our team will get in touch with you to provide you with the very best books to help you to prepare for the exam easily. Our books have been made by the best faculty out there with each of them having an experience of at least 20+ years. 

Each teacher is an expert in their subject so you don’t need to worry about anything. 

At last, we just want to let u know that not having a UPSC education background is no big deal. you can always prepare for it easily and score good marks. Many IAS officers cracked the IAS exam without having UPSC background.  Thank you for reading, we hope you liked it. Bookmark our site for more content like this. Or else Contact us For Upsc Coaching In Delhi

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