Best course for those students. who want to start their UPSC Prepration after 12th.


Here we provide you complete NCERT from 6th to 12th in a nutshell. You can revise your school books of the middle, secondary and higher secondary in just 3 months Topics are explained in an interesting way with flowchart.


UPSC NCERT Books – ‘NCERT is that the Bible’ when it involves IAS preparation. Aspirants should start their UPSC Civil Services preparation from the essential NCERT textbooks. Many aspirants either avoid or skip reading NCERT books, which might be fatal. In fact, many toppers have admitted that they judiciously followed NCERT books for IAS preparation. But There are lots of books you should read to cover your ncert that’s Harimohan sir will come back with you with a Fresh New course for GS NCERT for UPSC Prelims.

But There are lots of books you should read to cover your ncert that’y Harimohan sir will come back with you with a Fresh New course for GS NCERT for UPSC Prelims.


This course acts as a base of your UPSC preparation in this course Harimohan Sir will cover your whole syllabus.


More than 1000+ Students Love this course. Because after 12th Many of you will call us and ask what to do right now because only a graduate students can give UPSC Exam so most of think that upsc is very long run to do. That’s why Harimohan sir came up with this 3 Month course where he will help you achieve your dream.

  • Course Duration : 3 Months  
  • Faculty : Harimohan Sir.
  • Course Language : Bilingual ( Like our youtube Videos )


Most frequent questions and answers

When you enroll in this course you will get lectures for next 3 months. Where Harimohan sir will give you extreme contant based on your P.T. Examination

After your fee submision you will get an user password in next 24 hour in your register ID.

Yes there is views limit on lectures, But don’t take it for negative, because think about it when you are in class you will get only one chance to see the entire class. But in this online course. we are providing 3 views for each lecture in this course.

Because Harimohan Sir has a complete Shortcut to revise all the basic NCERT from 6th to 12th in just 3 months & this Course is also for those students Who just give Checked himself for a upsc prepration.

Yes Ofcourse after you enroll in this course. Our team will provide you harimohan sir personal number where you can directly ask your question on whats app. also you can call him to clear your all doubts

Harimohan Sir ke smzane ka tarika bhot he acha hain. inki class beshak bhot lambi hothi hain par mza bhot aata hai mujhe.
GS course Testimonials
Akash Sachdeva
Upsc Aspirant
Ye course mera lene ka bs ek he udesya tha ki bus mujhe ye pta chal jaye ki mai Upsc ke exam de bhe sakta hu ki nahi. vse to pre bhot imp hai upsc ki prepration se but isse ye pta chal jata hai humhe ki hum capable hai ki nahi.
GS course Testimonials
Anurag Kashyap
Goverment Job Aspirant
Hello Harimohan sir, I saw text message in my phone where you guys asked feedback from us. So i have lot to say but this is not the right place to thank you in a right order. I just want to say this course is amazing for those aspirants who don't know upsc is for them or not.
GS course Testimonials
Neha Sharma
Upsc Aspirant
Harimohan Sir vse to history ke faculty hai par is course mai unhone dusre subjects bhe bhot achi tarah he padhaye hai. mai to ye sochta tha ki bs history mai he unka hath sahi hain. but unke to dusre subjects padhane ka tarika bhe bhot acha hain.
GS course Testimonials
Abhishek Singh
Upsc Aspirant
When i see harimohan sir content on youtube I thaught he's not look like a faculty in UPSC. But when i purchase this course. I realize i was wrong about him. No matter how he is but his teaching style is really amazing.
GS course Testimonials
Kavya Sharma
Upsc Aspirant