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Manage Exam Stress With IAS With Harimohan We live in a social system in India where your performance is only evaluated and acknowledged if you have academic results. And exam times are an extremely stressful cycle with all that leads aspirants to depression.

Any examination such as IITs, IIMs, AIIMs, UPSC etc. will turn into a stress test if the aspirants do not have proper structures for help.

It is the duty of parents, family, institutes of coaching, friends to build a support network for the candidate and make him/her believe that the quality of life is not linked to the performance of the specific exam.

Creating excessive pressure can have such an effect on aspirants that aspirants will take their lives as they are unable to bear too much tension and setback.

Depression cases are rising every year and we often hear stories of young people taking their lives due to disappointment, anger and for no cause being able to pick up the setback.

Going for various attempts at the UPSC exam is frustrating and aspirants may feel tired and discouraged. The depression can increase with every unsuccessful attempt and the aspirant loses self-esteem while thinking himself a loser despite being a bright student and committed aspirant.

Examinations are most commonly viewed as a hazard because of the possible damage or failure associated with it. Candidate applies it to self-esteem, personality, responsibilities, aspirations, and dreams. It feels like the whole of humanity is at stake.

Not everyone can be picked into IAS!

Until they are enrolled in any coaching school, we firmly believe this ground reality should be thoroughly clarified to all aspirants.

Every year there are just 180 vacancies to IAS.

And, all 24 services such as IAS, IFS, IRS and so on combined – there are just fewer than 1000 vacancies each year.

How can anyone get into IAS when the number of applicants is more than 10,00,000 (10 lakh)? If only 180 can be picked though, are all the remaining 9,99,820 losers?

Are they anything but brilliant? None!

This is not the end of just moving into IAS!

When you’re preparing for UPSC, you may have some friends you’ve been studying with together with; but, at last, only he/she has been picked.

You may be congratulating him/her in public, but you may be cursing your fate, feeling miserable, and going from one depression to another, however deep inside.

The only thing in this direction – your friend is one of India’s few fortunate ones who can fulfil their dreams (remember just 180 in a year). You couldn’t be that fortunate. Or maybe you’re luckier-your direction is different.

Even more so, their IAS rank hoo-ha is just temporary. Too many IAS officers are making headlines after their names appear in the UPSC rank list for good reasons? Very few men.

The common man knows only the names of a few IAS officers who are renowned for their commendable service around the world.

Even more, are just stuck in the red tape and bureaucratic system. The biggest obstacle is proving the chair justice and growing up as a competent officer.

No-one in the IAS Exam fails!

As far as the UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) is concerned, we think that no one fails there. As openings are very limited, it is difficult to pick anyone. This is not to suggest that everybody lost.

Far more than that, every aspirant who has made serious IAS preparations is a transformed person.

Within a few years of training, the aspirant would have acquired considerable information about events happening around him/her – whether cleared or not.

Most commoners can understand the truth and the bigger picture much better. To an average citizen, there is nothing equal to this sort of enlightenment. Why would he be treated as a failure then?

Rejections are rebukes!

  • What if you are not selected on IAS?
  • Okay, the best thing that can happen to you can be most often the rejections.
  • Only know that this is not the path you have to take on the road of your life.
  • Take another path.
  • Engage in doing bigger things in practice.
  • Do bigger things in life that no IAS officer in his or her entire career could have achieved!
  • If you start thinking in that direction, you’ll find that IAS officers might not always be great personalities. You can still be amazing, even if not chosen on IAS!

Should not take lightly the pain and the depression!

  • When you suffer from psychological depression due to the intensity of the test, the solution is not to go on movies with friends or take a cup of coffee.
  • A licensed psychiatrist, or psychologist, should be consulted.
  • According to the WHO, each year more than 8,00,000 people die from suicide, making it a significant cause of death among people between the ages of fifteen and twenty-nine.
  • The statistics have reached troubling statistic levels over the last few decades.

Stress exam: How can fellow aspirants help?

  • Keep a list of your roommates, relatives and flatmates.
  • Discuss among yourself periodically how you feel and how you handle the tension of exams.
  • Consider it a daily meeting spot, don’t live in empty, locked-up rooms.
  • Support you send to others helps you. If you’re in need it will certainly return.
  • Practice and advise everyone to have daily health tests, a balanced diet, physical workouts (1-hour walking, jogging, cardio at gym or yoga every day, including during your examinations) and enough sleeping.
  • Write down the contact numbers of your roommates or flatmates ‘parents and their local guardians. Talk in need straight away.

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