How will IASWithHariMohan Continue To Help You Learn And Succeed – In Times Of Covid19 Lockdown And Beyond


Corona Virus Lockdown India | Back in time, the idea of learning online itself was new. Websites in the education and test-prep domain were just picking up. Phones were virtually unheard of.

In those days, studying (or coaching) in the classroom was more or less the practice for someone who aspired to be an IAS, IPS or IFS official However, not everyone was willing to attend the coaching in the classroom-mostly for three reasons.

Firstly, the coaching classes were (it still is) very costly.

The fees for a one-year coaching program in the classroom were about Rs.1-1.5 lakh. Hostel fees were supplementary. The cost factor involved in the education itself had closed many aspirants’ dreams of ‘IAS.’

Second, nearly all major players in the coaching classroom segment were only concentrated in metros like Delhi (now there are a few exceptions).

The positioning issue has been a significant impediment to inclusive education and subsequent government-employment.

The third question was the class timings. Also, the timings of the courses were not suitable for those in metros who could afford to attend the coaching courses. For working professionals and students who wanted to research after their regular appointments, the time factor became a significant bottleneck.

Hari Mohan Sir wanted to solve this problem somehow.

Hari Mohan Sir had nothing against any institute of coaching. He always believes that someone who, by charging fees or not, provides education to others, is doing a great service to the country. Yet if only the wealthy (who can afford to coach in the classroom) can become an IAS or IPS officer, then that’s not good for India.

If given his / her talent, any Indian village youth could not achieve the position he/she deserves to be attained due to lack of proper guidance, standard mock exams, or proper study materials, that is quite an unfortunate situation.

If the rural voices are not represented in decision-making, since most of the country’s top officials come from metros only (or those who can afford to be in a subway), this is a serious problem.

Hari Mohan Sir sincerely wished that the door to the IAS / IPS / IFS vision would not be closed to any worthy candidate because of the lack of learning facilities.

Hari Mohan Sir decided to close the distance between possessing and possessing notes.

As a guy who was always excited about websites, HariMohan Sir was curious about the possibility of creating an online learning platform.

His concept was not just another learning platform but an accessible platform that gives aspirants real value.

That’s how IasWithHarimohan.in came into being – as a forum that helps aspirants clear the IAS test through self-study and online learning.

Now, when he looks back after 3 years, he feels proud, happy and fulfilled to see the role that IasWithHarimohan has played in educating India, changing the lives of many, and helping the young people who believe in themselves to realize their IAS, IPS or IFS dreams consistently!

IASwithHarimohan: Used now by over 5 lakh users a month!

Over the past 8 years, IASwithHariMohan has emerged as one of India’s most reputed online learning platforms with more than a million monthly users – with no external funding but just our readers’ love and support.

IASwithHarimohan website continuously adjusted to the current exam preparation requirements – and given the contents and exams in the most organized and standardized manner possible.

IASwithHarimohan Online Notes and Study Materials (FREE)

When he started IASwithHarimohan, his first goal was to create quality content – which is easy to know – not only on current topics but also on traditional topics such as History, Geography, Politics, Economics, Climate, Science and Technology etc.

As one of IASWithHarimohan core philosophies is to simplify learning, we have always concentrated on quality, and never on quantity.

IASwithHarimohan Techniques

Hari Mohan Sir says, Civil Services Examination (CSE) success = 50 percent Awareness + 50 percent Skills (Strategies) success.

The method of the IASwithHarimohan Prelims Online Mock Test Series gives significant importance to techniques and exam skills along with knowledge.

IASwithHarimohan developed several techniques for quickly clearing IAS exams. Some of them: Memory Techniques Problem Paper Solving Intelligent Elimination Techniques We’ve been working on a lot more techniques – particularly the IETs. IASwithHarimohan users should hope to see more IETs in the days ahead.

Ebooks (PDF): they make your learning easy

The conventional textbooks available on the market (hard-copy) do not completely serve the purpose of the UPSC review for certain subjects or topics.

IASwithHarimohan publishes numerous ebooks in PDF format for filling out the gaps.

To you in the coming days, more positive surprises

Necessity is the mother of creativity.

We’ve got more fun surprises for you-we’ll reveal them early.

Believe that new doors of innovative ways of learning will open when the doors of conventional education are locked.

Until closing, I assure all IASwithHariMohan users that our team is working hard to ensure that every IASwithHariMohan plan – free and paid; for Prelims, Mains, and Interview – continues as normal, given the Covid19 pandemic and lockout.

Since almost all of our services are online (except seminars and workshops), our sincere hope is that our core activities will not be affected.

As a team, we know that many times now our duty in the area of online education has multiplied.I pledge to devote more time and resources to meet the ambitions of the country’s millions of youth.

Keep on tight! Keep Online Reading!

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